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 Sims blog *Cool*

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PostSubject: Sims blog *Cool*   Sims blog *Cool* EmptyFri Sep 21, 2018 7:56 am

Sims blog *Cool* 9ca93046f31641863a43586dd6003eefdaed550fr1-1600-900v2_hq
       Welcome to your new home Mimsy.  Mom decided to name her that since we live in windenburg and well who doesn't know Lady Challot?
      Sims blog *Cool* Ab1369b4389bfbb918ff7e8cf026bfa361d96d4ar1-1600-900v2_hq
       Aya.. where you going?  In the morning we couldn't find her.. is she offended because we got a kitten?
      Sims blog *Cool* 15fe010ce3e8794ea7ac7ebb69f0e97f56649db9r1-1600-900v2_hq
       Dirty dad Sims blog *Cool* Joy He worked a lot and couldn't take a bath/shower
      Sims blog *Cool* 3794165cfcd8ad05413597ac2803e95035940adfr1-1600-900v2_hq
       He advertised for Aya! Come back girl
      Sims blog *Cool* Fb975e4fb5d5560b883d90e6cb9cb74cca00f11er1-1600-900v2_hq
       Meanwhile Mimsy, Mimi (that's how I call her) Sims blog *Cool* Joy_cat Enjoyed being a foodie cat
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Sims blog *Cool*
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