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 天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*

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天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* Empty
PostSubject: 天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*   天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* EmptyFri Sep 21, 2018 1:01 pm

天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* 6Wp3TWV
Chapter 1
Zeus Jewelry Store

The famous streets of Tian fire City, sky fire Avenue, and sky fire Avenue do not allow any vehicles and robots to pass through, mech can not be more. Even the patrolling police can only use the oldest way of walking. This is a walking street, a two thousand and forty-eight meter long street which is paved with a blue and flat stone hidden in the high tech society. The buildings on both sides of the street never share the unique heritage and history of each place. There are sharp Gothic buildings in ancient France in the Shangyuan period. There are magnificent and majestic ancient Chinese buildings. The grand and carved ancient Chinese architecture, and even the ancient Rome style architecture, is such a street that can't see any high-tech existence, but it is located in the most prosperous part of the center of the city of Tian fire. It is said that, here, each square meter of land is worth a newest top-level McLaren P12 high-speed coaster, and there is a small store that is not very visible. It is small, more than a dozen meters on the street, compared with the surrounding huge and noble buildings. The whole design combines classical luxury and simple neoclassical style with dark blue walls and bright windows. A few glittering jewels were displayed in the window. In the middle of the top of the pavement, the four letters made up the name of the store, which was shining with a blue light. The Zeus gate was made from an unknown deep blue metal, without too much decoration. There was only a big lightning flashing print Zeus, Zhòu Sī, the king of upper gure, the power of lightning. So this shop is called the jewellery store, which is a treasure blue world, a blue carpet, a blue velvet wall, and even
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天火大道 *p.2-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*
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