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 天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*

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天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* Empty
PostSubject: 天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*   天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* EmptyFri Sep 21, 2018 1:08 pm

天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store* A5B6RnO
the linings on the display counters are royal blue. Two girls stood behind the counter of the Zeus jewelry store. They wear the same low-cut white dress skirts, they look all look beautiful, but they are different. One is a tall figure, eyebrows like distant mountains, with the facial that’s hibiscus and a green shawl, like an elegant painting, its a bit of a classical charm. Another charming and pleasant person, light blue short hair trimmed very delicate, with double dark blue large eyes, an ancient and strange appearance. "Boss, I'm going to eat ice cream," said the short-haired girl slyly, and the voice was sweet and dead. The lazy voice sounded: "Is it you to buy, or am I going to buy?" The sound came from behind the frame, and there was a third person in the shop. He looked twenty-year-old and sat in a leather swivel chair with his hands behind his back and sat comfortably. He has a very short black hair, wearing a black shirt, black trousers, and a white vest with an ancient Greek temple pattern. "All right!" short hair girl laughed. "Kě Ér, don't make trouble." The long-haired girl said with some helplessness. Young people sit upright and their movements are stretchy and elegant. Although their hair is a bit confusing, they do not give the impression of embarrassment. His eyes were bright and his mouth was smiling with a lazy smile. Every movement was so elegant and beautiful. At first sight, it was the habit of being cultivated by the best aristocrats for many years. He pulled out a silver pocket watch from his arms. The surface of the pocket watch was inlaid with many small but exquisite gems, which outlined a beautiful starry sky pattern. "Time is almost up, I'll tidy it up and get a drink. Xiū Xiū, Kě Ér, go back. The long haired girl Xiū Xiū looked at him, smiled very softly:"Boss, you go busy, the store has us." The youth smiled well:"Xiū Xiū most well behaved." Short hair girl can suddenly pout, young people have to add a sentence:"Kě Ér also well-behaved." "Ding Ding Ding." The silver bells sounded like a cry, the shop door was pushed and a woman came in from outside. Seeing this woman, the youth's eyes more bright. It was a very beautiful woman, makeup is slightly thick, it is difficult to accurately determine its age, height one meter seven or so, tall and slender, at the foot stepping on the top luxury brand Van Cleef & Arpels private custom version of the silver crystal high heels, perfect to bring out her pair of slender straight leg. She is wearing a white knee-up blouse, little white dress, long hair plate in the top of the head, very neat. The color of her eyes is very special, It is aquamarine like an emerald, It seems to be
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天火大道 *p.3-Chapter 1 Zeus Jewelry Store*
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