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 My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue*

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My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue* Empty
PostSubject: My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue*   My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue* EmptyWed Oct 03, 2018 5:24 am

My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue* N5WAgys
"If I tell you one more time, Mom, I have to take responsibility for this, because I wanted to be the third daughter of my mother?
"Well, look at that, say that!"
In response to the strong opposition of her daughter who comes out today, her mother gives power to her eyes and lifts her right hand holding a rice bowl.
Just like one word, if you make a mistake, you'll be blown away with that chopstick.
Normally, it was Samsoon who knew if he was such a threat.
But today was different.
Of course, I had to step back from my mother three times to prepare for the situation, but I continued to say that I would like to lift my head to the flower shop.
"My son is Lee Young, and the youngest son is a son, and his number is not so great, and he puts his name on the floor." Why, why am I alone? ? "
The mother looked at her third daughter with a slight squeaky look to the immovable evidence.
So she gained courage in the expression of the cheerful mother, and Samsoon raised the tone of voice further.
"My mom said that I would cheer you up and get married before I go to work this year, but every guy I meet is laughing at my name." "Why are you doing this?" "Where did you pick me up?"
The name Kim Sam Soon and the mountains have been around for 29 years.
She is "Kim Sam Soon."
When I introduce myself,
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My name is Kim Sam Soon Ji Soo-hyun *p.8-prologue*
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