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 Oops! Japanese Magazine 1 *p.2-Evening mouth Tut & forever with secret art ∞ Luck of October*

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PostSubject: Oops! Japanese Magazine 1 *p.2-Evening mouth Tut & forever with secret art ∞ Luck of October*   Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:42 pm

Evening mouth Tut & forever with secret art ∞ Luck of October

Jan・Guts with experience so far, you can make a decision and have your own flight, and you will be able to get a good secret of the collection.

Feb・Travel don't rush right now, just listen to what you've got on your mind and try to add to it. As a result, your mind will become relaxed and you will realize how happy you are.

Mar・Sleep in order to follow the new flow of life, this month you must give up your past obsessions and negative delusions, or you will miss your chance to stay in Thailand.

Apr・Good News as you move forward, it is important that you enjoy your individuality and have fun, rather than fighting, by turning your efforts into confidence.

May・Fighting Heart repeated anxiety and worry only make you pessimistic. Let's understand exactly what the cause is and deal with cold weather.

Jun・Margin it may be just a greedy thing to focus too much on protecting. Balance is important for everything! Let's open our hearts and become independent.

Jul・Indifference now that we have learned the truth through the inevitable Thai language, let us make a difference in our daily lives for our new self.

Aug・Devotion since you can find the jobs and writing school you were looking for, you will continue to make efforts and expand the possibilities of the future.

Sep・Ambition just being indecisive, the environment gets better as soon as you make up your mind, heading for a big turning point. The result is not everything.

Oct・Satisfied one signs of a bright change, and one month of feeling the possibility. Please cherish the daily fulfillment in a new human relationship, and proceed as it is.

Nov・Growth you may feel a sense of tolerance toward someone, but you are certainly getting to know someone better. Let's listen to the opinions of others now.

Dec・Originally whether you are exploring something you do not get or you are not satisfied with your daily life, it is important to know the truth and face yourself.

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Oops! Japanese Magazine 1 *p.2-Evening mouth Tut & forever with secret art ∞ Luck of October*
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