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 雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction*

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雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction* Empty
PostSubject: 雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction*   雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction* EmptyTue Sep 25, 2018 4:19 am

雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction* IeK6iUg

There is a mountain.
There is a high mountain ahead, putting off the mountains around.
Length of the body, 1,600 meters, only the top is bald.
Still, in autumn, the mountains are dyed with mottles like a palette of painters. The ginkgo biloba is a lemon color, the mountains of the goby rough color, the withered cedar blossom azuki color, the pine forest is deep green, and the waterfowl and the maple are just red.
Like a red cellophane hanging out in the sun, it is likely to give a spark to us.
The streak clouds cling to the sky, standing still, autumn days knowing, the mountains are clearly spreading out and spreading, I feel like I boasted. It also makes a nod. There will not be any mountains that have followed such vivid forests.
But autumn is nothing but summer. I'm sitting now. She wears a bald green collar and comes out with a bald top wrinkle and is sitting round. ` ` I've seen a lot, but with a bit of wear -- No, no, I'm sorry. '
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雲の物語 *p.7-Introduction*
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